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Kathouz KatGrafix Co.

200-187 Bridge Street, Princeton BC Canada

Directions- 2nd Floor -Above the Post Office- Enter building from left side on Bridge Street.

Snail Mail:

Att: Chriss Sather Kathouz KatGrafix Co.

PO Box #1871, Princeton, BC Canada V0X-1W0

Hi my name is Chriss Sather,

If you want to become my Client: Fill out the form Services Request

I would love to talk to you one on one about your project but I will only answer calls on my cell that I recognize so be sure to contact me by the link above so we can set up a time to meet.

Good to Know: I am only accepting client projects that are in Canada.

I am a remote worker, you have to be when you live in a small community in the mountains. I've spent a great number of years doing this so it's not a problem.

I will give my client an account in the PrincetonStar Network [G-Apps], so we can conduct our business quietly and securely without any worries of security.

Types of Clients I Want:

Print Design: I can design, edit and produce your project myself; or I will design the project and then outsource the finished designed project to one of my supplier partners for the finished product. This would happen in the case where I cannot full fill volume demands without a support team or if I lack the equipment it takes to create the project items in my own studio. I am also a Print Consultant. I have different suppliers for different types of projects.

Web Development If you need a responsive 4 or 5 Block Web App for your Business, Service, Project or Product. Sign up to hosting on one of my two stores and then hire me to create your website or app in you own hosting account. I can log into your account from my control panel, you would be listed in my store control panel as a customer. I would have access to your details I would be able to work with you quite easily on a web project.

Website Hosting Services with Web Building Tools: You can build your own websites and apps on your own server; the choices that I offer are; BestPriceHost.Net and +StudioPlus Hosting for Artists

If you like what I do and want to follow me online:

Kathouz-FB PrincetonStar-Twitter


Kathouz KatGrafix Co.

Christina Sather

Desktop Publisher and Graphic Designer

200-187 Bridge Street, Princeton BC Canada V0X-1W0

PrincetonStar Group:

  • Product Suppliers
  • Business Associates
  • Hosting Support Team
  • BestPriceHost.Net Hosting Shop
  • +StudioPlus Hosting for Artists Shop
  • Business Apps Suite Support Partner

Website Hosting Available Here!!

What are PrincetonStar Network Apps?

The PrincetonStar Network Apps are a suite of web-based messaging and collaboration applications that were implemented by me and supplied by the Apps Suite Support Partner to allow for a smoother flow and more secure transmission of communication and file sharing during a collaborative business partnership or to privately carry out communications with someone over the PrincetonStar Network.

All communications and information sharing tools are safe to use and store your personal information. Users of PrincetonStar Network [secure cloud business environment] are Members under the PrincetonStar account that is owned by me [Christina Sather]. I am bound to an ethical code of conduct in business and I am accountable to the privacy policy which I have provided to you which relates to any of my business websites or forms which collect any private information. You can read the Kathouz KatGrafix Co. Privacy Policy here.

You simply use a web browser on your computer that's connected to the internet to access these applications when you are a member of the PrincetonStar Network. You can sync your online apps to your own computer, laptop, tablet, phone seamlessly between all of your connected devices. The PrincetonStar Network is offered free to partners, collaborators and clients. G-Apps is the technology behind Kathouz KatGrafix Co. and the PrincetonStar Network.

"G Suite" For you or your Business...

Allow the experts to help you run this part of your business. The PrincetonStar Group recommends that you pursue and learn more about Google Apps and acquire your own G Suite Application environment to manage all of your own business tech issues and concerns for a very affordable price.

Free G Suite Trial G Suite Featured Videos G Suite Video Playlists

The PrincetonStar Group is spanned across a wide area International Network and is comprised of Trusted Technology Partners that are solid, reliable, secure and I have chosen to share with you . You can build your empire quite easily using the resources that are provided to you as a service through the PrincetonStar Network.

Build a Business

You know longer need an employer; just run your own business your way. Working for yourself must be started before you quit your job, you need to have the workflow established, while working for your employer you also work for yourself. Eventually if you are lucky, smart or you win the lotto you can afford to quit your job. It is different working for yourself than working for someone else and it's not necessarily easier. It takes determination, a clear mind with focus, mental stability, be a visionary person, hard worker and very persistent.

Usually you have the best chance in business when you conduct the business with people you already know or if your online, they recognize you and your work across the internet. Either way, whatever you do, it helps to be very passionate about what you are doing, it will help you thought the rough times. Consider yourself successful if you are still doing the business after 5 years and you still are passionate enough to continue the work at all costs.